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The Swiss Army Knife

The Swiss knife is the handiest tool anybody can have. It is designed to serve every purpose of the army men and can be put to best use by the soldiers. It is a multipurpose tool that functions like a pocket knife. The Swiss army knife has a blade and several tools required for performing other tasks. Apart from the blade it can have can openers and screwdrivers. All the attachments are packed inside the handle and all are attached to the pivot pint mechanism of the knife. More often we come across the knife with a red handle, featuring a cross and Shield. The cross is the emblem of Switzerland which is white in color.

The latest model of the Swiss Army knife is well equipped with a blade, knurled alox handle having a Swiss crest, a reamer, wire stripper, a blade combining bottle opener, screwdriver and a can opener. A number of Swiss models exist and some have been designed as a device to be used for specific tasks. The models range from the simplest to the one with more tools and attachments. The simplest model of Swiss army knife only includes a blade while the most common features found in other models are a main blade, a second blade, corkscrew, toothpick, tweezers, nail file, scissors, saw, file slotted screwdriver, hook, magnifying glass, ball point pen, fish scale, hex wrench, pliers and key chain.

The recent technology came up with the most advanced models that have more of the technological features like 2 GB detachable USB flash drives, digital clock, digital altimeter, LED light, Laser pointer and MP3 Player.

Such a small model with so many features enclosed in a small case is amazing to find. The Swiss Army knife is a resourceful tool known for its versatility.

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