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The Chef Knife

The Chef's Knife or the French knife is the best cutting tool for food preparation. It is the first choice of the Cooks and therefore most popularly known as the cook's knife. The chef's knife comes under the category of kitchen knife known for its versatility and multitasking. With the help of this knife one can effortlessly slice, chop, dice, and mince. A chef knife in the hands of a skilled cook can work with more speed and accuracy than a machine.

The most common knifes are available between 6 and 12 inches where 8 inches is the most preferred and used knife and popular among chefs. The knife with large size can cut with precision but requires skill as it is difficult to handle. The blade shapes in this knife are of two types one is the French and the other is the German design. The German designs are very common, with the curve towards the tip of the blade. The design is such that the belly and the heel of the blade are used for cutting and while cutting the knife rocks up and down.

The French design knife differs from the German design knife in respect to much less curve at the tip and a longer straight section of the blade. But nowadays the focus is on the utility knife used for all purpose. To make the knife more users friendly with multipurpose abilities it is made with differential sharpening edges. The finer tip with acute sharp edges works with more precision and can very well be used for mincing. The mid section has moderate edges ideal for general cutting and the back of the cutting edge is made strong for performing heavy tasks of disjointing beef.

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