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The Butterfly Knife

The butterfly knife known as Batangas or balisong in Philippine is the folding pocket knife. This knife was used as a weapon by the Philippines and later on it became popular with the American soldiers and gave it a name as a Butterfly knife. The butterfly knife has been designed with exceptionally simple mechanism where the knife has two handles that rotate in the opposite direction around the blade. And while rotating they come at one point where they conceal the blade in its grooves.

Many people love to master the balisong handling techniques or the butterfly tricks and the trained user can easily close the tang with its handles by making use of their single hand. This technique is known as flipping and it is fun to watch people performing. The butterfly knife making involves two types of construction- sandwich and channel construction.

In sandwich construction the parts are assembled in layers and are attached to each other with screws. In this construction the pivot pins are adjusted with tighter grip and does not require binding. The tang of the knife rests between the layers when the knife is closed. Whereas in Channel Construction a groove is created in the handle through the processes of folding, milling or being integrally cast. The blade is stowed in the groove when the knife is closed. This method, involved in making butterfly knife is considered to be the best as compared to Sandwich construction.

Butterfly Knife Reviews
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Butterfly Look Folder Knife
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