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Kitchen IQ 50217 Diamond Pro Pull-Thru Knife and Scissor Sharpener

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Quickly and easily sharpens your knife. View larger Easily sharpen your household scissors.View larger Versatile Knife & Scissors Sharpener Pretty much everyone has a knife or two in their kitchens
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Manual Knife Sharpener
Quickly and easily sharpens your knife.
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Knife and scissor sharpener made easy.
Easily sharpen your household scissors.
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Versatile Knife & Scissors Sharpener

Pretty much everyone has a knife or two in their kitchens. Sharpening them can be quick and easy with the right tool. The KitchenIQ Diamond Pro 2 Stage knife and scissor sharpener features coarse and fine sharpening slots designed to quickly sharpen a dull or damaged knife with just a few pulls. The Coarse slot includes preset diamond rods to quickly sharpen double beveled Euro/American style straight edge knives. The fine slots and triangular shaped ceramic stones are perfect for finishing the edge of the knife and for everyday light touch-ups. This sharpener takes all of the guess work out of sharpening. No need to worry about the knife angle or style. If it's a typical Euro/American knife, this sharpener is its new best friend.

Quickly Sharpens Straight & Serrated Knives

Smith's Consumer Products, Inc., The Edge Experts since 1886, designed this versatile sharpener to sharpen double beveled Euro/American straight edge knives. The fine slot features Smith's signature triangular shaped ceramic stones designed to finish the edge of the knife, quickly touch-up an already sharp knife and to sharpen most styles of serrated knives. These stones will sharpen into the serrations and not simply their tips. No skills required. Just simply pull the knife thru the slots using moderate pressure. 6-10 pulls in each slot should be all it takes. Test the knife sharpness by cutting a piece of paper or a tomato. If it still feels dull, pull it through the slots a few more times.

But Wait - It Sharpens Scissors, Too!

This versatile KitchenIQ sharpener’s patented scissor sharpener works on both right and left-handed scissors. The unique feature includes Smith's signature floating ceramic rod that quickly adjust to sharpen a wide variety of styles of household knives.

  • Two sets of preset sharpening slots.
  • Coarse slot includes diamond stones, to quickly sharpen dull or damaged knives.
  • Fine slot offers triangular shaped ceramic stones.
  • Soft grip handle.
  • Non-slip base for added stability when sharpening.

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