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Chef's Choice 120 Diamond Hone 3-Stage Professional Knife Sharpener, Black

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Chef's Choice Diamond Hone Plus EdgeSelect knife sharpener Model 120: The lightning-fast professional home sharpener uses completely new technology to create, in seconds, the Trizor-Plus edge, which c
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Chef's Choice Diamond Hone Plus EdgeSelect knife sharpener Model 120: The lightning-fast professional home sharpener uses completely new technology to create, in seconds, the Trizor-Plus edge, which can be customized to suit each cutting task. Sharpening straight-edge and serrated knives, the Chef's Choice EdgeSelect has twice the power of any other home sharpener. It's extremely easy to use--anyone can put astonishingly sharp, long-lasting edges on knives in seconds. You can select extremely sharp, hairsplitting edges that slide smoothly and effortlessly through delicate foods like smoked salmon and prosciutto, or, alternatively, edges with "bite" for more demanding jobs, like cutting tough fibrous foods and meats. The 100 percent fine diamond-coated conical disks in stage 1 and stage 2 form the first and second bevels of a durable, arch-shaped edge. In stage 3, a revolutionary flexible stropping disk creates an ultra-sharp polished third bevel and cutting tip while polishing the first two bevels to form sharp cutting flutes that enhance the cutting action on both sides of the edge. Built-in high-precision elastomeric angle guides eliminate guesswork, ensure hairsplitting sharpness time after time. The new sharpener is so ruggedly built that it is backed by a limited three-year warranty. The unit is compact, and the resilient elastomer feet hold the unit securely to work surface. The Chef's Choice Diamond Hone Model 120 requires no sharpening oils or liquids. Made in the United States.

With its three-stage, high-speed polishing system, this Chef’s Choice electric knife sharpener keeps all household blades hairsplitting sharp, honed, and polished. The machine quickly sharpens gourmet kitchen knives, butcher knives and cleavers, hunting and sporting knives--it even sharpens serrated knives. Using 100 percent diamond abrasives of differing grit, the sharpener creates two blade facets in the first two stages. The third stage strops and polishes, completing the sharpening with a micro bevel and micro-flute cutters. Together, these processes combine to create the Chef’s Choice patented Trizor-Plus edge.

A compact unit, the sharpener features three separate sharpening platforms with left and right slots and internal springs to guide knives securely. The weighted base and nonskid feet keep it stable when in use. The sharpener also includes a rocker power switch, durable housing, and a manually activated cleaning and dressing tool to clean the honing disks in stage 3. Measuring 9-3/4 inches by 4 inches by 4-1/4 inches, the sharpener carries a three-year warranty. --Emily Bedard

From the Manufacturer

For all fine-edge knives, and even serrated knives (as demonstrated in the image), the Chef's Choice 120 three-stage diamond hone professional sharpener lets you select the edge to match the need. It allows you to enjoy incredibly sharp edges that stay sharp longer for all knives. And the Chef's Choice 120 is easy to use and lightning fast.
For Gourmet Knives
  • Edges for the ultimate in effortless food preparation and presentation
  • Ultra-sharp, smooth, nonserrated edges produced by unique stropping and polishing disk of stage 3
  • Safe for quality cutlery

For Butcher-Type Knives

  • Select the right edge "bite" for fibrous foods
  • Edges stay sharp longer, even under the most challenging cutting tasks
  • No job too tough for the Trizor-Plus edge

For Sporting/Hunting Knives

  • There's never been a better edge for field-dressing game or filleting fish
  • Multi-beveled edges with micro-fluted facets stay sharp much longer
  • Perfect edges for woodworking, paper products, carpets, and more

    For Serrated Knives

  • Reshapes and realigns distorted teeth
  • Sharpens and polishes each serrated tooth
  • Better-than-factory performance
  • The Three Stages

    Stage 1
    Use for excessively dull or damaged knives or for maximum edge "bite." Diamond abrasives create first facet.

    Stage 2
    Use for routine sharpening. Finer-grit diamonds create a second bevel.

    Stage 3
    Patented material creates third micro bevel, and polished micro-flute cutters along the super-sharp edge.


    • For straight-edge and serrated blades
    • Leaves incredibly sharp edges--better than razor sharp
    • Leaves durable, longer-lasting edges
    • Unbelievably fast
    • EdgeSelect with Trizor-Plus system provides optimum edges for gourmet, butcher, sporting, and serrated knives
    • 100 percent diamond abrasive--guaranteed to never detemper
    • Totally safe for quality knives
    • Three-stage sharpening procedure covers all knife needs
    • Unique stropping and polishing stage
    • Three-year household warranty
    • Measures 9-3/4 inches by 4 inches by 4-1/4 inches

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